Google and Bing

Google clicks are estimated as among the highest in the world:

* 46% of screens do not scroll at all per day, according to the New York Times book of statistics

* 44% of screens do not rotate at all per day, according to the New York Times book of statistics.

* 50% of screens do not rotate at all per week, according to the same report

The Overture program, which tracks the usage of all forms of Internet advertisement, found that Google received the highest position of nearly 43%, followed by Yahoo with approximately 30%. MSN, Yahoo, and Google combined for approximately 27.5% of the entire search market share, while three vendors,, AOL, and combined for about 24%.

Now, this information isn’t available for every market as there are a number of issues involved. Yes, this illustration only feeds a small portion of the total market share pie, but it does provide a baseline to judge the popularity of the many search engines on the Internet.

Perhaps one of the more under-estimated variables that are used by consultants and business owners who are attempting to track Google and Bing search statistics is the efficiency of web building companies.

The online market is far too labor-intensive to be managed by most businesses, especially those with small or non existent budgets.

So, if you don’t have the skills or tools for search engine optimization (SEO), you may want to consider developing your own SEO specialists. Knowing the latest news and trends in the global economy will allow you to become an entrepreneur and allocate resources to implementing more successful capital raising strategies.